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Composition and Perspective: A simple, yet powerful guide to draw stunning, expressive sketches


Komposition und Perspektive: Ein einfacher, aber wirkungsvoller Leitfaden zum Zeichnen atemberaubender, ausdrucksstarker Skizzen


Composition et perspective: Un guide simple, mais puissant, pour dessiner des esquisses étonnantes et expressives


Composición y perspectiva: Una simple, pero poderosa guía para dibujar impresionantes y expresivos bocetos


About Me

I am a self-taught artist living in a very populous city called Pune, in a very populous country called India.

I have worked in the thriving Indian software industry for more than two decades. But art is my main passion (apart from family, books, movies, scuba diving, traveling, and writing, not necessarily in that order!).

I am actively involved in fine arts, graphic novels, animated graphic novels, and short film making, I work in several media like pen & ink, watercolors, oil colors, acrylics, and digital. I sketch and paint various themes like landscapes, figures, portraits, and urban sketches. I am an active member of the Urban Sketchers community.

I have written several bestseller art instruction books. You can see a catalog of all my books here:

I regularly conduct workshops for sketching and have participated in several exhibitions. My sketches and paintings are present in private collections in India as well as in other countries.