Huntsville's Black Girl Magic

I started the Huntsville's Black Girl Magic page because I wanted to show off the amazing talents and ideas of my black and beautiful sister queens in Huntsville. I wanted to start a united front of sister queens helping and supporting other queens.

I visited The Legacy Museum in Montgomery AL, and it truly changed my life. I was sad, angry, and then inspired because our ancestors endured some of cruelest and inhumane situations imaginable but still they were able to rise up and defeat slavery, segregation, injustice and so much more and now I feel it is our turn.

Black owned businesses are so important for our generational wealth and our legacies. But most importantly we should support and show up for each other its time we stop being enemies of each other. With Huntsville's Black Girl Magic I want to do just that bring my sister queens together to show up and support each other.

Birth and life comes through us lets give birth to a movement in Huntsville Alabama of sister queens that show up in masses to support fellow sister queens. If you need some sister queens to go out and pass out flyers or show up to your events to support you or like and share your post, I want to bring together some sister queens that will do just that for each other and more.

We can all win let's keep Nipsey legacy going strong in Huntsville, Alabama, lets show the world we can support each other with love, care and support.

I'm looking for some women that want to join Huntsville's Black Girl Magic to become the change we need and help over come once again as we so boldly do as Black People ....