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Independent Underground Radio LIVE, is our common-sense, sanity based, political discussions, analysis and debate program, aired on the Blog Talk Radio Network Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 am-1:00 pm EST. Over 900K listeners and counting since October 2010 enjoy our commentary and opinions about Michigan & National Politics, Economic Equality, the Environment, Saving Public Education, Student Loan Reform, the Left/Right Political Extremes and more. We provide the true Progressive-Independent voice -- not brought and purchased by the Corporate Media "Powers that Be". Links to our live shows can be found on our home page or subscribe to RSS Player Feeds on I-Tunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and Blubrry. The bi-weekly program show, news blog and names of "Independent Underground News & Talk", "Independent Underground Radio LIVE", "Independent Underground News" Reach Out Job Search News & Radio" "IU News & Talk", "IU Radio LIVE" and "ROJS Media, LLC" are fully owned and copyrighted by ROJS Media, LLC..