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How To Manage Your Arthritis


Loving Yourself and Others


Hello, I am Samuel J, Graphic Artist, Social Counselor and founder of Blackmeninsuits Urbane Nation.

“My name is Samuel J as you may have seen from the headline. I enjoy finding truth in our everyday lives and ways to help people have an uplifting experience. I myself have many experiences both physical and mental that have sailed me into this social connection in our today's society. To those experiences I've noticed there was so much advice and so many media and podcast platforms that focused on delivering what they called their truth. However we still come to find it that The Mis-Education is still being prolific today. I found it black minutes to serve a nation to be the uncut Truth voice for black men in our society but also encourage our sisters to continue being great!!!! I finally found my delivery oh, and it is riding and promoting black success on every level. While "Speaking the uncomfortable truth ." This is only the beginning, as we fill this platfrom of postive and impowering mental strength.