Ishmael F. Dah


Ishmael F. Dah is a born entrepreneur who finds himself in an economy poised with corruption of its maximum order and does not favor entrepreneurship. Mindful of that he thrives for the best; even in the tough economy. Born in Ndop, Bamessing, grew up in the southwest region of Cameroon, Ishmael F. Dah is a holder of the higher national diploma in accounting and finance with a pass.

He has run so many startups before grasping the route to success which he shares with you in this book. He has a product (trostmee natural coconut oil) which he has applied the principles in this book on and is ripping the benefits. He is currently the owner of the next big thing coming soon,

I have released a very deep secret to you in this book. Wealthy people don’t let this secret just for free. Meditate on these carefully analyzed principles in this book and make your life a success story. All you need to do in life to become successful is to be a servant and solve a problem. Remember to multiply the solution to reach many more people so that your success will be great. You will always receive money for any solution you offer.