IVAN - Internet's Versatile Assistance Network™

I'm a musician and online marketer from the Dominican Republic. I'm the Founder & CEO of IVAN - Internet's Versatile Assistance Network™, a service that provides online marketing solutions and eLearning Development/Instructional Design for music educators from around the world. As an online marketer, I've been working and marketing online full time since 2011 and have experience selling digital and physical products as an affiliate for companies like Amazon.com, Clickbank.com and the Adsense program from Google Inc. to name a few. As a musician, I'm the Founder & CEO of Musica.Edu.Do™, a bilingual music education studio based in Santiago, Dominican Republic. My other music related online businesses are DrummingControl.Com™ and Druminars.Com™, sites dedicated to pro drumming education. Thanks for reading and God bless you!