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J.J. Green Reading List


The Concordia Deception


Lost to Tomorrow


There Comes a Time


The Fila Epiphany


The Galathea Chronicles - Shadows of the Void Books 1 - 3


The Galathea Chronicles audiobook


The Earth Chronicles - Shadows of the Void Books 4 - 7


The Earth Chronicles audiobook


The Galactic Chronicles - Shadows of the Void 8 - 10


The Galactic Chronicles audiobook


Shadows of the Void Books 1 - 10


Shadows of the Void Books 1 - 10 audiobook


The Valiant


The Fearless


About Me


I'm a British-Australian author who publishes under my own imprint, InfiniteBook. My science fiction novels feature characters who are ordinary people dealing with the challenges of existence in future societies, and some kickass sci-fi heroines too.

My series include Star Legend, Space Colony One, Star Mage Saga, Shadows of the Void, and Carrie Hatchett, Space Adventurer.

I was born in London’s East End within the sound of the church bells of St. Mary Le Bow, Cheapside, which makes me a bona fide Cockney. I first left the U.K. as a young adult, and I've lived in Australia, Laos, and Taiwan. I currently live aboard my starship in Cambridge, UK, with the ship’s cat, called Black Cat.

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