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Mouth Watering Good!

Gluten Free

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Fully Raw

Low Fat Vol.1


No Overt Fats Vol.1


Twin Pack D: No Overt Fats Volume 1 & Low Fat Volume 1


Living Raw


Low Fat Vol.2


No Overt Fat Vol.2


Twin Pack C: No Overt Fat Vol 2 & Low Fat Vol 2


Four Pack: Vol. 1 & 2 Low Fat and Vol 1 & 2 No Overt Fat


The Raw Vegan Ultimate Success 5 Pack


Twin Pack B: Low Fat Volume 1&2


Twin Pack A: No Overt Fat Vol 1 & No Overt Fat Vol 2


Trio Pack D: Living Raw Book and Sauce-A-Licious Low Fat Volume 1&2


Trio Pack C: Living Raw Book and Sauce-A-Licious No Overt Fat Volume 1&2


Trio Pack B : Living Raw Book and Sauce-A-Licious Low Fat Volume 2 & No Overt Fat Volume 2


Trio Pack A: Living Raw Book and Sauce-A-Licious Low Fat Volume 1 and No Overt Fats Volume 1


A Rawsome Life....

Having delicious and tantalizing recipes is the difference between failing and succeeding in this lifestyle.

With just a few simple ingredients you can turn your boring salad into a scrumptious meal.

Sauces, dressings and food ideas are everything when you are eating a raw vegan lifestyle. 

All the recipes in my Low-Fat book are recipes I use on a daily basis,

they fit perfectly with your 80/10/10 macro's.

I created these books to help people increase raw foods into their diets. Whether you are raw curious, some what raw or fully raw, we can all agree our bodies love us when we feed it raw foods.

Including sufficient greens and vegetables in your diet is essential for this lifestyle and for any lifestyle and nothing makes it easier than having a delicious dressing without additional fat. 

All my recipes are absolutely scrumptious and I assure you that your salads and raw meals will never taste better. 

About Me

For the last ten years I have been on a path of self growth, self development, health, perseverance and a quest for inner peace and believe me like anything that is worth it, it hasn’t been easy.

I have coached thousands of people online and in person. I have also openly shared my life with the world, the good, the bad and the dreadfully ugly. I inspire people to believe all things are possible and I know they are, because I am living proof.

I have climbed mountains to get where I am right now. With everything I have overcome, achieved and triumphed over in my life the one thing that’s always been a constant is my own self belief. I have dreams, I set goals and I make my life happen!

I am not the pillar of perfection, but I strive to be the best version of me. I am not without failure, but each time I fail I learn and I grow. I get knocked down, but I always get back up again. I have strived to become resilient.

My health has been the cornerstone of me getting where I am today. Together with a sound nutritional diet I have worked on improving my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health daily for 10 years. I have completed many courses, read an abundance of books, manuscripts, reports, white papers, blogs and information sourced online. I have ran my own classes, forums, seminars and one on one coaching both live and online, sharing and teaching others what I have learned along the way.

Today I am living in Vietnam teaching children English, after enjoying a nomadic life, travelling the world at my leisure pre Covid. I live a very basic minimalist life and my greatest passions are self love and compassion for others, good health, plant based living and enjoying what I am given in life. My greatest focus is to be the change I wish to see in this world.

My mission for the future is to continue to teach people to achieve their own goals, hopes and dreams and for them to live a life of purpose and fulfilment whilst becoming the best version of themselves and being true to themselves and their cause.