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Hello, I'm storyteller & cartoonist, Jaime Buckley.

Thank you for supporting my efforts to provide publications directly to my readers.

We both win.

BLOODSTICKS - a brief history & practical guide.

DEMONI VANKIL (2023 Revised Edition)

Wanted Hero Collectors Edition


CROSS POINT - Choose-Your-Own-Ending

ADVANCED WORLDBUILDING -- A creative writing guide: Triggers, tips & stratagies to explode your writing skills and captivate your readers. (2022 Updated)

The BOUNDLESS Journal (+ Advanced Worldbuilding guide)


BOUNDLESS Animals Journal


BOUNDLESS Artifact Journal


BOUNDLESS Characters Journal


BOUNDLESS Events Journal


BOUNDLESS Illness Journal


BOUNDLESS Location Journal


BOUNDLESS Lore Journal


BOUNDLESS Magic Journal


BOUNDLESS Object Journal


"Jaime is an amazingly talented storyteller, artist, and illustrator. The first time I saw his work I was blown away — and he’s only gotten better since!"

NYTimes & International Best Selling Author, Barry Eisler

“He drew an amazing picture of a turtle, with an actual house on its back — and I thought it was clever, and we reached out. He has done the illustration [cover] for [my mom’s] book called ‘Vacuuming in the Nude.’“

Mike Rowe, TV Star of Dirty Jobs

"Jaime’s commitment to teaching kids how to be better people is inspiring. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone like him and there’s probably a reason for that."

Matt Langdon, The Hero Roundtable

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