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Hi~ I am a classical musician and knitwear designer. I play violin, piano, recorder, and sometimes other instruments. My designs are about having fun with style and self-expression. My personal style would best be described as eclectic, most of my clothes are either #memade or thrifted. I’m from Houston, TX, but am living in Tallahassee, FL currently. I am a taurus, an INFP, and my bloodtype is B-. I have a bachelor’s degree in Chinese studies, and I am proficient in Mandarin. I’m fat & gay. I like to swim and go hiking. I prefer reading books on my ipad rather than on paper. I watch a lot of anime. After school my goal is to be hot and have fun and own more gold jewelry. Thanks for reading my profile, please buy my patterns.

You can find me on instagram @jamesnwatts