Janiimarie Montalvo

I, Janiimarie Montalvo am a Published Co-Author on Amazon, The Jungle Plant That Saved My Life.  

               Author of two forthcoming books of my Life Story, "Unfamiliar Breaking Ground &
                             "Frozen Truth Melted" The Slow Thaw & related Programs, plus
                                        Product: Scroll
The "Gift of The Holy Hand" and a 
                                      Christian Life Coach/Thru Faith-Based Transformation

                Aspiring Musician-Baby Lunii; Aspiring Inventor (2), and Spiritual Entrepreneur.

I am in the process of finishing and marketing my Books, "Unfamiliar Breaking Ground", which is my True Life Story.  Unbenounced to me while writing it, I suddenly realized it had morphed into a "Testimony of Faith."  I was only telling my life story, without even the slightest intent of that purpose in mind, but after I had gotten well into my book, I eventually understood this is what had manifested.

What became, even clear to me was that my book, "Unfamiliar Breaking Ground" really was being molded into a "Testimony of Faith" by a higher power than myself.
"Frozen Truth Melted" 
The Slow Thaw, my third book and continuation of my Memoir was my further "Testimony of Faith" and the revealing of a long and deeply hidden truth, that the public has been unaware of and will finally hear, know and understand as is related to my Mission.

When I started writing this book, it wasn't intented to be more of my life story, it simply unravelled in that manner and the unification of its testimony of faith, was right on its heels.

While at times it seemed more deliberate on my part, it was an extention of my calling and I simply followed what was in my heart and head. 

I was called to, "Share your story," by what I like to call the Higher Ups, numerous times.

Both books go well beyond entertainment purposes.  They have an important mission attached, related to God's calling upon myself and my life and what it means for me and what it can mean for others

"Share your story", for me was no longer an option but rather an obligation to do what was being asked of me. After many prompts, finally, I accepted honorably.

The Scroll of The "Gift of The Holy Hand" is a small part of that story, but for me, the
most significant part.  It shows God works miracles and calls others to do big jobs for him, even the most unlikely, or those others may consider unworthy or too far gone.

I'm simply the messenger and doing what he's asking me to do.  I'm answering HIS calling, standing in faith and calling others to do the same, as he requested of me.

Other:  I have seven years experience as a Licensed Care Giver, mostly in Mental Health Caregiving.
 I am a writer of two T.V. Reality Show Concept/Formats with (13) T.V. & Film Network reviews at
TV Writer's Vault, Scott Manville-CEO & Founder of TVWriter'sVault.com, Producer & Development Executive & Former Head of Merv Griffin Entertainment

Please note: Scroll The "Gift of The Holy Hand" is still a work in progress as it relates to my social media presense and my forthcoming books, program my other projects.

This has been a slow labor of love but I believe you haven't seen the last of me yet.

Thank you so very much for viewing, with an even greater thanks for graciously receiving this beautiful gift I was inspired to create and pass on to others.  

Janiimarie Montalvo