Jasmine O'Day

Through all of the madness of multiple streams of revenue, weekly travel, volunteering, homeschooling, business delegation and speaking engagements, there are methods to the madness that make it all worth while. Jasmines dedication, passion and shrewdness in business has helped her to build and sell several companies for over 7 figures. Jasmine is the CEO of O’Day Investment Group and has over 30 Companies under her Corporate umbrella O'Day Enterprise. Jasmine learned rather quickly that one of the many ways to generate high revenue in a short period of time is to have multiple streams of passive income generating regularly. ATMs, Vending Machines, Coaching, Consulting, Real Estate, the Cannabis Industry, operating a Cleaning Company and Writing were just a few that aided in her becoming financially free. She has taken her knowledge and expertise and helped many people to create financially free lives over the years. It is clearly Jasmines purpose to help people to build generational wealth through education and Multiple Streams of Revenue.