Jayant Mogra

Hi Everyone! Warm Welcome to all of you on my store......
Jayant here, speaking about himself. Here, you will find all those stuff that will be useful in your living and and daily lifestyle. It could be either audios, videos, music, ebooks, membership, websites or digital softwares. Forms of my products may be varied but they all meant to serve you, both socially and commercially.
I am a bachelor pursuing my degree in computer science. I am passionate about freelance writing and marketing. If you talk about my hobbies, I am fond of cycling, travelling and Yoga. According to me,the ultimate pillar of education lies on its practical usage and emphasis on society and nation. What I learned is not important, rather its practical application in daily life and how I contribute to my society and nation on the behalf of education, is more important. Wish I could help and comfort few lives with some of my digital products. Thank You!!