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About Me

I am olufolake Stephen Adams, the CEO/Founder of Jesus Ventures Limited International, whose primary aim is to help struggling entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, self employed and startups to get buying clients including consistent sales to grow their businesses

Not only that, the company ministers to their total man, so that their whole life can be a SUCCESS and the tools we use are practical and relevant life relating information that teaches them how to turn things around for their good

So whether you are struggling spiritually in your walk with God or in business or life or in your health or marriage or ministry, you will find answers here on our site.

Even though we don't claim to know everything as it pertains to human lives, the ones we know are setting people free and enriching their lives.

We package our information in form of digital product, courses and coaching services which are all available here.

So whatever you may be going through, we want you to know there is an answer for it via our products and services and all you need to do is to reach out and get them for your freedom and we will love to hear from you.

I am from Nigeria and a mother of two boys

Jesus Ventures Limited International

We are an Information service provider that ministers to your TOTAL MAN to be a success, using practical Relevant and life related information to help you succeed in life, business and ministry.

In life, we have inspirational digital products that will help you achieve your dreams plus help you maiximise your life and produce at your peak.

In business, we help you to make more money, by showing you how to get buying clients and sales

We do this via our business Digital products, courses and coaching services

In Ministry, we have digital product that is tailored SPECIFICALLY to that need plus we offer courses on Kingdom Wealth Series by which you will be taught the 21 kingdom wealth laws that connect you to heaven's resources to help you build the work.

When the Lord taught us these laws, our finances changed immediately till date, Making outstanding money, we have never experienced before and has since followed us.

We will love to share the same with those in the ministry