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Hi Guys . . . here are some erotic stories that are highly descriptive for you to enjoy. And most are either in a pdf download that you can read or an MP3 that you can listen to. Either myself or my friend Abigail Andrews have written them and I have narrated every one.

Abigail lives in London and the Carrie White series of stories tells of her adventures. These are based on her experience as a model, escort and fun-loving girl. Each story is complete as it stands, but they continue as a series and some of the characters pop up in more than one story. For holiday fun see her Spanish vacation stories, hot, erotic and sexy.

Browse through, you are bound to find something that interestes you and that you would enjoy. Every story is complete and free standing. Whether you are looking for a Daddy story, priests seducing parishoners, taboo or group sex, all life is here.

I am now writing a further selection and these will be available on the website soon. And there are other stories by a young and upcoming author who writes fast moving erotic stories that will hold your interest and stimulate your mind. These will be available within a few days.

If you have a fantasy you'd like in print or to listen to then I am always looking for new storylines and welcome any suggestions you may have, just e-mail me at I might be able to make your fantasy come true.

Look carefully as I tend to make a story free sometimes for a limited time. Take advantage of that. Meanwhile all of these are easy to download, just use Paypal and your story will be with you within minutes. Enjoy.

Carrie and the Stranger Young Woman's Erotic Diary Six AUDIOBOOK


Carrie. Tim Turns Up


Carrie, Elise and Roger. Young Woman's Erotic Diary


Carrie and the Stranger Young Woman's Erotic Diary Six