Karamba E Bayo

I am the founder of a National Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the first in its kind in Africa, dealing with street-abandoned, abducted and convicted children/youth. (1987-2006). Since 1987, LA SAMARITAINE-GUINEE has rehabilitated from poverty more than 1200 indigenous children aged 16-18… boys and girls, helping them to become self-sufficient citizens through free training in technical fields such as carpentry, tailoring, car mechanics, etc. I have been an NGO Member of the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions since 1990; the nationwide number of staff is 120. I am the Founder of the Guinean National coalition on the rights of children, advocating for children’s right based on the United Nations international convention on the rights of children. www.crin.org/organizations/viewOrg.asp?ID=627-. I served as Warden of the USA embassy/Conakry/Guinea from 1996/2006, and have been recognized for voluntarily contributing to the well-being of Americans citizens in Guinea. http://conakry.usembassy.gov – I am a lecturer of the ICAA – Lausanne, and have been lecturing on drug prevention courses organized by the ICAA in four West
African countries – www.icaa.ch. I am the author of a first book titled “One major defies of years 2000 aka Problematic of children/Youth – engraving circumstances and possible solutions” published in 2005 – in French. This book discusses the global situation of youth in Guinea/Africa and in the world.