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Leafy Arches Sock Pattern

Knitted lace from the Grain Field Stole Pattern.

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I'm Karen. I'm a knitter, designer and also a technical editor of knitting patterns.

Instagram: @kazrbutler
Twitter: @LiterallyYarn

All my knitting patterns are professionally checked by another technical editor to ensure they are error free. Occasionally, issues are overlooked, so if you do spot a potential errata please let me know using the pattern support email in the pattern, providing name of pattern, file name, and where you purchased it.

I aim to make charts clear and as large as space allows. Wherever possible, written instructions are provided as an alternative to lace and cable charts: see information for individual patterns for details. For colourwork charts using two colours, a strong dark-light contrast is used in addition to colour; this was harder to achieve with the Morphology eight-colour charts. So, if you purchase any pattern(s) and have issues with the charts due to colourblindness, please contact me using the email address provided in the pattern providing details of the pattern(s) and names of colours you have issues with. 

An email address is included in my patterns for pattern support. Information on privacy policy, and also terms and conditions relating to my patterns can be found on my website: