Shequite W. Johnson

SHEQUITE W. JOHNSON, born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, the poorest region in the poorest state, is both an overcomer and an abuse survivor. She has faced many challenges throughout her life with courage and determination, but more than that, she has used her story to inspire others, especially young people, to believe in themselves and use every experience - positive or negative -- for motivational energy for forward movement. 

Throughout her career she has worked in various helping professions where her role was pivotal to community betterment and individual self-actualization. She is a wife and mother of three children, who are the joy of her life, and mentor and role model to many, many others.  

She balances a full-time job as a human resources assistant for the Sunflower Consolidated School District with the full-time pursuit of a doctorate in Public Policy at Jackson State University, where she is an honor student. She makes her home in peaceful surroundings along the outer fringes of Indianola, Mississippi.