Keys to Riches

Stinkin’ Rich Project (SRP) v.3.0 XO is the Master version of SRP that will nationally innovate slot player’s betting control. SRP refers to the complete control of Keys to Riches Bonus (KTR) from non-bonus period to bonus period. By Adjusting each character and careful observation of the results of each spins, a slot player can generate unlimited matched KTR symbols with increasing or decreasing line bet or multipliers. This will allow for the prediction of Keys to Riches bonus with saving player’s bankroll. The SRP strategy can provide 30 times more Keys to Riches Bonus, and the innovative strategy how to find a loose Stinkin’ Rich machine is included. All you need is your 10 fingers. No illegal tools or device required. Previous version SRP v.2.0, which creates Keys to Riches Bonus has been dominating SRP Member’s entertainment at US casino. SRP team discovered new secrets, which reduce the non-bonus period of timeline and increse the frequency of free spin bonus by special technique and observation. New secrets including Push technique and offset technique force to change the outcome of each spin of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine. It means SRP members who uses SRP v.3.0 XO technique generate free spin bonus within very short period time and on screen credit by force to change the outcomes of each spin. By using SRP v.3.0 XO techniques, SRP members can save thousand of bankroll and play with high winning odds while playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine.