Kim Hajin

I love learning new languages. My Korean name is 하진.
Learning the things you want does not always came from the four side of your room. Step out and explore the beauty of the world, and discover the secrets that life keeps from you when you were doing the same routine you were doing over the past few years of your existence.
Morning came, today day become yesterday, and the day and month even the year in the calendar changed but where are you? Only stuck where you were yesterday, where you were last month and even where you were last year. Think about it and asked yourself “Does I truly living my life the way I want it to be?”
Life is short? No. But it will, if you will just live it that way. One day you will find yourself a child lot of wonders inside and the next day, you will wake up face to face to your grown up image in the mirror worrying how to survive and have food on the table to continue to live this reality they called life.
Looking back, you don’t do anything special at all! You just breathe, survive and saw how the sun rise and set down. Is that really what you wanted in this life? Just to survive in this lifetime?
Life is not a battlefield where you need to just eat three times a day and have a 8 hours of sleep, it is more than that. Life is a gift. Life is a journey and never ending self-discovery. Life is a precious treasure you need to find.
And that’s what this blog is all about. Here, you will know guys how we can discover our own air castle and how we can wander our very own childhood wonders in this lifetime while continuing living the life we wanted in the first place.
Always remember the start of your true journey comes within you… heard it yourself and do it!
Life is your journey, always wander it! Venture your limits!