A native of Brooklyn, New York, LSH comes from a world of provocative characters who speak their minds vividly and live their lives curiously. Leaving the East Coast for the South, LSH, graduated from Clark Atlanta University, adding yet another layer of experiences to enhance her storytelling and character studies. LSH began her writing career as a copywriter for a prestigious advertising agency in Chicago. For years, she wrote magazine, radio and television ads. As a copywriter, she loved coming up with great ideas, promoting products and connecting with the target. However, it wasn’t until LSH left advertising and enrolled in Roosevelt University’s MFA Creative Writing program, that she considered herself a true writer. She now holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Enter...LSH, the Author and Publisher. LSH's hugely popular debut chapbook, “MY BAD: a reading series by LSH," was unleashed in 2014 and is filled with the stories of eighteen characters and provocative story lines about life experiences. LSH expertly crafts these experiences into compelling, funny, and intriguing narratives. Women are encouraged and relate to these stories of desires, self-love, mature realities, honest truths, personal forgiveness and empowerment. "MY BAD" is not only a book, but also comes to life as live performance. “LSH Nights" bring live storytelling performances to book club members, girlfriends, sororities and couples who host a private “LSH Nights” event. LSH Nights has also been hosted at numerous popular venues around Chicago and Atlanta. What's next? While LSH is currently completing her first novel, "Lucie Philips Catches Fire," she also has several other irons in the fire. After all, what is else is a bad ass chick to do?