The Storyteller

Debbie Lacy is a Mystery/Suspense, Thriller and Romance writer.

Born in the United States (May 13) on Mother's Day, a former resident of Houston Texas, now 

a current East Texan.

Married with three lovely daughters.  Studied at the University of St. Thomas in Computer 

Science also studied at Texas Southern University in General Business, since then she 

developed a passion for mystery/suspense and poetry writing.

'I'm one to try a lot of things at least once, and when I've given something my best

and it doesn't seem beneficial, informative or profitable to me, then I'll move on to

something new.

I believe that God has given each one of us something special, something unique

like no other and he's made some of those special qualities more obvious to some than others.

I believe it's up to us to find those special qualities within ourselves. That's why I believe

that we should try things that interest us and do the things we are really good at doing or we enjoy doing it.

It's our craft, it's our preference and it could be our destiny. We may be surprised as to where those desires of our hearts may lead us and that's a blessing!'