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Divisionism Shawl PDF Hand Knitting Pattern


Quick! Seed Stitch Headband Hand Knitting Pattern PDF


Deep Grooves Cowl Hand Knitting PDF


Groove Tube Cowl Hand Knitting PDF


Edge of the Hive Cowl Hand Knitting PDF


Deep Within the Hive Cowl Hand Knitting Pattern PDF


Tiers of a Clown Cowl Hand Knitting PDF


About Me

Hand knitting PDF patterns by Lavish Craft.

I specialize in small projects with big visual impact spanning all skill levels.

Let's create something amazing together! With nothing but yarn, sticks, and your own two hands. Spice up the traditional with interesting juxtapositions of texture, gauge, shape and/or color. 

More on Ravelry (Transferring them here as I am able)