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When FBI agent Alessandra arrives in Blueskin Bay hunting a fugitive, the last thing she wants is interference from local cops. Unfortunately Deputy Chief Garrett Reid's ultimatum—work in close quarters with him or leave his Bay proves impossible to resist...
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About Me

Lexi Hart is an escaped lunatic from New Zealand masquerading as an author.

She’s interviewed detectives, spent a night in a police station and been for a ride-along in the back of a police car, all in the name of research.

If you can track her down, you’ll most likely find her watching British comedies, quizzes, a combination of

the two, or reading mysteries.

When her slightly malfunctioning body allows, she writes romance stories filled with twists, humor, and a whole lot of steam.

Lexi's way too impulsive to use social media, but she loves to share things that make her laugh, so if you want to stay in touch be sure to subscribe to her VIP mailing list.