Lightgroup Coaching

Hi my name is Ki-esha Ellis and I’m the founder of Lightgroup Coaching, and Lightgroup's school of Higher Consciousness. I'm a Spiritual Development and Entrepreneurship Coach and co-host of the International Talk Show “A pound of perseverance” and partner of Brown Girls Media.

I’AM also an entrepreneur, mother, reiki therapist, author, and teacher of my signature course and coaching program "Ignite your purpose, passion & power- Align with your path to success"

We are all here to expand, grow and actively participate in our evolution, so that is exactly what I do.

As a co-creator in my process of evolution I create out of inspiration, passion and purpose; within the full awareness that I’AM being my authentic self. I believe that the best way to teach is by example.

My life’s mission is to help women raise their vibration and create a better life for them self from a higher state of consciousness. In other words, I show women how to be happy, stay happy more often and create your life experiences because you are happy.

I create from divine inspiration to, help women remember that they are souls creating a human experience; and you have the power and responsibility to create the life of their hearts desires.

Lightgroup Coaching was created as a platform to help infuse love and light into the beautiful souls of this planet. My life is a living testimony of how to turn a nightmare into a really awesome dream. I just want to show other's how to do the same.