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Cosmic Ascension or awaken more of your spiritual Self

Whether you choose Cosmic Ascension or awaken more of your spiritual Self, this is a start.

We have crossed the threshold of “no Rules”.

Everything of what you call “past”, all that worked before. The manner instructed to achieve everything, no longer works or applies to these present moments in time.

This is a time of spiritual quickening which offers the opportunity to progress, evolve, expand, and grow exponentially without any limits, rules, or regulations required for any portion of it.

Start Here on your spiritual Journey or Completing Planetary Ascension. You are on the path of awakening your Spiritual Self. For anyone just starting out or wanting an upgrade. The packages in Start Here are a good way to start clearing, healing and balancing your energies physically and spiritually. These packages are long distance procedures. You will not receive any Mp3 meditations. Completing Planetary Ascension is everything seperately so you can pick and chosse when and what you want to use to clear, and heal and balance. Some of these have MP3 meditations.

Ascension Activations

Mastery Activations

Clearing, healing, upgrading chakras and energy bodies
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This is a preview of our video that assists in clearing, healing and upgrading your chakras and energy bodies.

I have been working on this for five years to get it ready for everyone at any level, and it can be used on a regular basis.

Using this video will help you stay balanced and clear in these crazy times upon earth.

This is an Mp4 video and 20 minutes of clearing , healing and upgrading.

You will get a MP4 (877MB) file

Mystery Schools and more

Our Goals

As you have arrived here, you know you are on earth for a reason. 

You have awakened to the idea that you are more than just a human, you are spirit and you are here on earth right now to know, to learn and to experience fully what you really are. 

Looking for a goal, a purpose, and the knowing that can relieve the longing that you have felt within to something you seem to be missing. 

For a long time we have looked for everything outside of ourselves to come to the realization that everything we want is within our Self. 

We have been working with the Ascended Masters for many years to find the guidance and knowing within our Self. 

We have come to a point in time, where many more are waking up to a new reality, the reality of change. 

At this time all our workshops are to assist you in moving forward, or to say it more precisely, moving inward to find all that you need within and become whole. 

We are working on assisting Mother Earth and all life upon earth as well as assisting all that feel the need to move inward and complete what they have come here to do at this time. 

We welcome you as this path is one of great courage and joy as we are all working on realizing the New Earth Reality as this time.


Our mission and Goals

Everything we do is to connect deeper within the self but also connect to everything that is around us, not just in this universe, but beyond, all the way to fully connecting with our source self and source of all that is. 

We work on integrating everything we are within the physical body in the 3D reality and become fully connected within our Source Self, and bring this connection into our human reality. 

The activations we do is not just activating but making everything completely active, as we move deeper within and try to do this as fast as possible since there is so much that can be done right now. 

As you all have noticed the energies on earth are changing and allowing us to move faster than ever before in raising our frequencies and reach deeper within to find all knowledge and truth within our own Self. 

Our goal is to complete Cosmic Ascension, being able to change the physical body into a body of light. To ascend out of the cycle of physical incarnation that has kept us coming back to earth over and over again. 

We are not only working on our own process, as we know that everything we do affects the world and reality around us. As we move deeper within, we raise our frequencies and this has a great effect on not just the circle of people around us but on all that are upon earth right now. 

The most important thing is to work on ourselves and prepare ourselves to become our source self here on earth and be able to receive all knowledge and being able to see beyond any boundaries completely connected within ourselves. Be guided by our Self, as we get ready for Cosmic Ascension, but also get ready to be of assistance to the earth and all beings upon the earth. As we are getting ready to open the portal that will allow Mother Earth to complete her ascension and we need to be able to hold the frequencies, energies needed to make the shift happen. 

On our website you will find all that is needed to complete the process of becoming whole, becoming your own Source Self and be part of the change that is happening all around us. Generally speaking we call this ascension. 

We and the Ascended Masters have worked to give you a complete process for Planetary Ascension as well as a process to work towards completing Cosmic Ascension. 

The Cosmic Ascension Process, Practices and Activations continue to unfold and are brought to us daily by the Ascended Masters and our own Inner Source Self. 

We hope you will come back to our website to find all the updates and join in some of the workshops. 

You will find the process of completing Planetary Ascension, as well as all that we have done for the process of Cosmic Ascension in our Ascension Store. 

We will be adding more in the years to come as we are getting closer to completing the process of Cosmic Ascension. 

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey. 



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