I'm just a generic edgy Youtuber who likes to write sometimes. If you want more of my socials then you can find them on my channel's about page, I have everything from Instagram, to Amino to even Kofi and Patreon! I actually haven't written anything in a while so I might not post much of anything here BUT I have written fan-fics in the past so, if the rules allow I might post stuff of that nature. To give you a better idea of what I'm into: I'm a real sucker for a supernatural romance (not the tv show 'supernatural' tho I actually kind of hate that XD) specifically angels and demons. I find the watchers/Grigori from the book of Enoch although a bit overused, still pretty captivating for source material and yes, my name is also inspired from the legend of Adams first wife. I'm not Jewish or Christian or really anything though. Oh, I also enjoy stream of consciousness format so I might post that if I like it enough.