Lynette Hunsinger

Hi! My name is Lynette. I am a life coach and I am selling some books here to help people change their lives for better well-being. There is a wide variety that customer can choose from! Motivation is which I personally specialize in. Managing Stress, Gaining Energy, Improving your spirituality and more....

I am also an entrepreneur and I would like to help people who want to be an entrepreneur or other entrepreneurs. I want to sell marketing books on here to help people find their nitch.

I have a website but it is undergoing fixing. The ebooks here will be also on my online store. Plus. I will add jewelry of necklaces since my other site for selling jewelry is temporary undergoing reconstruction for a month on Tictail.

On youtube, you will see 3 but I really did more videos that that. Just search "Lynette has a message 4 u" and more of my videos will appear if myself talking about various topics.