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Book Marketing for the First-Time Author - Paperback

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Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author - Audiobook


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The Games You Cannot Win


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The Alpha-Nina


The Alpha-Nina - Hardcover

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The Alpha-Nina - Paperback


About Me

M.K. Williams is an author, publisher, speaker, and entrepreneur. She writes suspenseful literary fiction for the contemporary reader. Her body of work is comprised of four novels, two self-publishing guides, a budgeting and planning workbook, and a collection of short stories.

Her first novel, Nailbiters, is an apocalyptic science-fiction thriller that has kept audiences up all night since its debut in 2015. Architects, her latest work, is the sequel to Nailbiters in The Project Collusion Series. Her second novel, Enemies of Peace, is a cautionary tale of the American Dream gone awry. The Infinite-Infinite is the first in a series of sci-fi adventure books across the multiverse. Her collection of short stories, The Games You Cannot Win, has been praised as “thought-provoking” and “thrilling.” 

After writing and publishing her own books and helping aspiring authors realize their goals, M.K. Williams launched Author Your Ambition. Through her videos, books, and courses she has helped more writers realize their dreams of finishing and publishing a book. Her books, Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author and Book Marketing for the First-Time Author are an excellent starting place for anyone looking to become an author. She releases new videos each week on different self-publishing and writing topics on her YouTube Channel