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Set in extraordinary worlds, my stories revolve around ordinary people. Most endure hardships and bad luck. Despite overwhelming odds, they fight for a better tomorrow. Some become heroes.

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Spaceberg is a gargantuan disaster that's destroying the solar system. Never fear! Squad 51 is on it. Put your feet up, get a few chuckles, and enjoy the fun. Oh, and Spaceberg bites.

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The Tracer


The Rifters Box Collection Books 1-3


Entire Rifters Series


The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear


Semper Audacia


The Rogue Element


Alien Double Feature


The Tumbas


Small Graces


The Other Side


The Fall


Poetic Greed


Blood is Thicker than Time


The Wulfing


Blue Moon


About Me

M. Pax, that's me, and I am the author of the space opera adventure series, The Backworlds, and the fantasy/steampunk series, The Rifters. Fantasy, science fiction, and the weird beckon to me. I blame Oregon, a source of endless inspiration. I sometimes docent at Pine Mountain Observatory in the summers as a star guide and enjoy exploring the quirky corners of Oregon. Find out more at

Inspired by Imagination

Since I could think, I've dreamed up stories. Anything can be looked at from a perspective of wonder. Just for fun, here's something I wrote inspired by a poster I had in my room as a kid. It was one of those black velvet posters from Spencer's Gifts with Pegasus flying through space. I spent hours staring at it and imagining myself flying through the stars. I write that wonder into every story.

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