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Set in extraordinary worlds, my stories revolve around ordinary people. Most endure hardships and bad luck. Despite overwhelming odds, they fight for a better tomorrow. Some become heroes.

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Spaceberg is a gargantuan disaster that's destroying the solar system. Never fear! Squad 51 is on it. Put your feet up, get a few chuckles, and enjoy the fun. Oh, and Spaceberg bites.

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A Flight of Fancy






Omens and Lifesavers


About Me

M. Pax, that's me, and I am the author of the space opera adventure series, The Backworlds, and the fantasy/steampunk series, The Rifters. Fantasy, science fiction, and the weird beckon to me. I blame Oregon, a source of endless inspiration. I sometimes docent at Pine Mountain Observatory in the summers as a star guide and enjoy exploring the quirky corners of Oregon. Find out more at

Inspired by Imagination

Since I could think, I've dreamed up stories. Anything can be looked at from a perspective of wonder. Just for fun, here's something I wrote inspired by a poster I had in my room as a kid. It was one of those black velvet posters from Spencer's Gifts with Pegasus flying through space. I spent hours staring at it and imagining myself flying through the stars. I write that wonder into every story.

This shop often has specials, so check back regularly. I'll also be adding new products soon. Thanks for stopping in and stay tuned!