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Green screen, Virtual backgrounds and Adobe premiere's ultra key effect

🎞️ A short video of how to use Adobe premiere's ultra key effect with green screen and studio backdrops

green screen and virtual studio backgrounds
The benefits of using green screen in videomaking
photo:studioGreen screen (chroma key) technique allow filmmakers to shoot scenes without being limited by physical locations. With a green screen, you can transport your actors and subjects to any environment, whether it's an exotic location, outer s...
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Futuristic virtual studio set | pack of 3 | 6K
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Give your broadcast or commercial a professional look with these modern studio backdrops.

Ideal for TV shows, live events or commercials.

Suitable on VR tracking system sets, with green screen

📦 -you will get:

3x JPG files compatible to most platforms

in 6K resolution 6144x3456

different angle shots

electronic delivery 

- price include vat

- royalty Free commercial use

- reselling the images is not permitted

- You can find our full collection of virtual studio backgrounds here

You will get the following files:
  • JPG (6MB)
  • JPG (6MB)
  • JPG (4MB)
  • JPG (5MB)
  • JPG (171KB)

cinema camera rig
How to Shoot Better Video Quality for YouTube
illustration: Adobe StockIf you are a YouTube content creator, you may be wondering how to improve the video quality of your show. Shooting better videos not only enhances the overall look and feel of your content but also attracts more viewers. Here...
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Maingraph | HD desktop wallpapers | pack of 3
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HQ, HD desktop wallpapers for your PC (windows or mac) + 1 phone wallpaper
3x backgrounds with geometric design and a dark aesthetic that gives a futuristic, tech look to your desktop screen 

🎨 -designer: Terry Papoulias

📦 - you will get:

- 4x jpg files
- 1920x1080 HD resolution
- electronic delivery 
- price include vat

Digital files will be available after your purchase.
Items you see at the images (computers, screens, etc.), are for demonstration purposes only.
No physical item will be sent or shipped to you.
You will find the templates of this promo here

for personal use only
reselling is prohibited

click here for the full collection, of our high quality wallpapers!

A Maingraph production:
🎥 Maingraph is a HQ premium content creator. At the link below you can explore our full collection of video footage, images, or royalty free music

📢 Enjoy your new wallpapers and don't hesitate to tag @maingraph on instagram, with your amazing  homescreen setup, post

🙏 thanks for watching!
You will get the following files:
  • JPG (371KB)
  • JPG (433KB)
  • JPG (222KB)
  • JPG (171KB)
  • JPG (226KB)

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