Mana Holistics Health & Wellness

MaNa Holistics is a health & wellness practice, founded by Certified Health Coach Keya, that assists in reaching health & wellness goals. MaNa Holistics guides you in the areas of; mind, body and spirit. We assist with vegan transitions, vegan meal plans, vegan health coaching, spiritual wellness and lifestyle coaching. Most of us know that proper exercise and nutrition can rid disease from the body and create a life of optimal health. I know, with all of the information floating around on the web, a path to better health and wellness can be very confusing and frustrating. MaNa Holistics is here to help make this a smoother transition. ​ After the passing of her grandmother from cancer, A passion like no other ignited. In 2016, Keya obtained her initial certification as a Health and Wellness Coach. From there, her passion grew with unbelievable intensity. A holistic approach then emerged other areas. These areas include: Spiritual Healing, Life Coaching, Yoga/Meditation Instruction and Vegan Culinary Arts. ​ MaNa, means a generalized, supernatural force or power, concentrated in objects or persons. Holistic, which means characterized by the treatment of the whole person. MaNa Holistics focuses a supernatural healing power to heal the whole person. Mind, Body & Spirit. Positive energies are the foundation and support of obtaining your new lifestyle. ​ With compassionate coaching from Keya you will reach your goals! Keya infuses her knowledge and experience with her intuitive background to provide coaching and guidance like no other! With MaNa Holistics you will become your greatest and most amazing self! Let's get you started on your journey TODAY!