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Sit on the fragrant grass, in the shade of the foliage, and enjoy your personalized journal

What we do

In addition to a small selection of novels, we creates customized planners and journals to meet your needs: high-quality personalized products, rich in vibrant colors and printed on thicker paper to avoid any transparency and for better writing. Customization options range from interior dedication and cover design to additional pages and coordinate mugs.

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Want a monthly or weekly planner? With your name on the cover or the name of the person you want to give it to? Do you want to add a dedication?


Want a gratitude journal or one to help you overcome stress with humor? A journal of your journey to health, an aid to staying on top of household bills, or even just a fun way to keep track of the books you read, all with the cover design of your choice?


Ideas to give as gifts, for school or leisure, in A4 or A5 size. Personalized covers for boys and girls of all ages. 


Beautiful mugs to enjoy a coffee or to give a special gift to someone we love, coordinated with the same design as the personalized planner/journal/notebook. 

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A journey to ancient Egypt at your fingertips on the shelf