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About Me

Marako Marcus loves using anecdotal stories, pragmatic tips, straight talk style of writing! He hopes to put out bite-sized handbooks to help people around the world. Each handbook can always be read over and over again! It should be placed somewhere on the bookshelf, so that it can be used as a just-in-time reference.

Marako has over 25 years of experience as a management consultant and career coach. He works with organizations around the world, developing people-centric interventions, enabling creative synergies through diversity. Besides writing on creativity and teamwork, Marako is also an engaging speaker at conferences.

Currently, Marako is a Creative Coach and Facilitator of Udemy Creativity courses. He is also an avid musician and composer, creating stories and experiences onto a musical canvas. He writes instrumental music for listeners to feel relaxed, rested and inspired. His music is available on all major streaming platforms.

Finally, he is also an apparel designer with a wide variety of unique clothing inspired by nature under the NATUREāˆ†MARAKO brand.

Connect with Marako Marcus to keep updated with new books, instrumental music releases, courses and apparel designs.

Marako is very active on Twitter, and can be found by @MarakoMarcus

Also available on LinkedIn, Instagram by @MarakoMarcus