Nikos Sapountzis, Relationship Coach, Author

Nikos Sapountzis is a Relationship Coach and an NLP Trainer, certified by the American Union of NLP. He has helped hundreds of couples around the globe to get back together, and now he shares this experience and knowledge "on how it's done" with you, via these 2 books (200+ pages/each), the Program + Your Personal Action Guide. In 2010 Nikos acquired the Life Skills Coaching Advanced Diploma from the National Qualification Framework, UK. In 2007, he acquired the Coaching Masteries Certification 1, from The International Association of Coaching, USA. All of his qualifications specialize in Relationship Coaching. Nikos continues to help couples getting back together and lives happily with his wife and daughter (after separating with his wife at the beginning of their relationship for a few weeks).