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An award-winning recruitment trainer, recruitment entrepreneur and coach. Originally from Hertfordshire, a relatively leafy county in England, I started in recruitment as a trainee in 2006 at the age of 23, just by chance. My career was in limbo, I had worked my up with a well know retailer for over 3 years’ and then worked in telesales selling broadband to businesses (it was a relatively new thing then). When my employer was bought out, and my colleagues and I were made redundant, I naturally uploaded my CV to a job board not really knowing what I wanted to do. After receiving a call from a construction recruitment agency in London, I was intrigued and invited in for an interview. 3 interviews later, I was hired. I still didn’t really know what recruitment was or what it involved. It seems fun, I knew I liked sales and I wanted to work in the ‘city’ and be a commuter. Recruitment in those days was brutal. Boiler room environments, with extreme KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). We didn’t have any real training, other than a couple of sessions with the director, and listening to everyone else. I was to be a permanent recruitment consultant focusing on Quantity Surveying. Did I know anything about this profession? Of course not! I had to learn, in my own time. I did relatively well, quite quickly, mostly due to luck and timing, becoming the fastest trainee to create five 1st Interviews. We had to do 100 calls a day, or we were out, no email outside of lunch, and LinkedIn, or other social media didn’t exist. Then, the financial crises happened. Construction wasn’t the place to be, especially recruiting into it. House building stopped, commercial property building stopped, construction businesses were hemorrhaging people. Did any of this matter to my bosses? Of course not. Still endlessly calling and pitching clients that I knew were letting people go was sole destroying. The plus side, I had endless amounts of candidates, just no jobs to put them in. Recruiters were leaving our business or being let go…my point? I could have given too, but I persisted. I worked and worked and made sure I could go home every night knowing I had done everything I could to try and make things happen. If you take away anything from this guide, make it that statement…Go home every night knowing you did everything you possibly could. Over the next year or two, I moved into temp recruitment, contract recruitment and gradually up the ladder. I moved businesses a few times, and recruited into different sectors. By 2010 I was headhunted to recruit internally for a global media business, and create an internal recruitment team across the globe. Long story short, I then launched a sales training programme and academy for the sales executives across all office globally. After a few years and moving my way up within this business, recruiting, training and developing business to business sales people some of which are now managers or directors, I was asked to work for a recruitment business, to recruit trainee recruitment consultants and design, create and run a recruitment training academy. This was a 13 week, intensive, classroom and on the job recruitment training programme, for completely new people to recruitment. Through the 13 weeks, I would take trainees through a step by step programme, from the very basic functions of what a recruitment consultant does, how to find prospects, how to win new clients, negotiate terms, sourcing candidates and secure offers. Every successful trainee consultant would complete their first placement within this 13-week period, sometimes two. Was it easy for them? No. Were there wobbles? Of course, but we had fun and they became successful recruiters, which they still are now. At the same time, I would coach, manage and help turnaround experienced consultants that may have ‘hit the wall’ or hit a plateau, making sure they used every method and tool available, and followed the winning process. There is a process to recruitment, and if you follow it, it works! As I previously mentioned, this training academy, methodology and material was winner of ‘The Best Development for Newcomers to Recruitment’ at the Recruiter – Investing in Talent Awards in 2015. These are awards are recognised and voted for by the industry. This is the exact training methodology I share with you in my training guides. I'll also be hosting a series of webinars, detailing the latest techniques in successful recruiting. You can follow me or reach out to me on Social Media: LinkedIn: My Facebook Page: