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Hi, my name is Christopher (Chris) Smith. I have a passion for expanding in online business. The above photo is my daughter Ember on Christmas 2018. She was only two months old when that photo was taken. I would like to sell books on Payhip to further expand my business as well as start my first possible stream income. If you don't know what that is then I would like to offer help on learning the process of stream income. I know there are a lot of people ( I mean A LOT), who would love to learn more on how to grow an At-Home-Business. I have books on Payhip that will be benefitul to you if you are interested in learning how to grow in such networks as Google AdSense, or how to even start a blog. I am also currently working on a book that will be a Horror/Sci-Fi. I have already wrote two chapters, and I always get thrilled when writing because the possible outcome to every part. If you have ever struggled writing a book that is why.... At least for me. I nevertheless really enjoy writing. It's not so much I don't know what to write about, it is more or less the ideas of possibilities that flow through creative writing. Well, that was a little about me, if you would like to know about my book feel free to message me directly at fablelostchapter1@yahoo.com