MistAndbox is a brand which produces:

1. Interactive education - Ebooks containing interactive buttons. Pressing the provided buttons gives feedback to the reader while working on each question until the answer is learned. The reader progresses to the next question only once the correct answer is learned. Since each eBook is dedicated to one question, any difficult question can be learned economically without buying an expensive eBook with all questions.

2. Interactive fiction - Stories containing action buttons. You pick your gear and actions and journey through your story. In 8 of endings, you survive in very different ways. In 8 of endings, you die in very different ways. Each story finishes in 16 different endings. Due to violence, 18+ only.

3. Video Games - Interactive fiction eBooks turn into full video games. Current Platform: Windows PC.


Although all of the above can be found through the website's search bar, it is most effective for education ebooks.

Ask the student which questions the student finds difficult and what each question is called.

Example: It is called 'Images To Numbers'.

Go to https://mistandboxblog.blogspot.com scroll down to the website's search bar, type 'Images To Numbers' and press enter.

The 'Images To Numbers' page appears. It contains:
- The Interactive video - Contains three sample questions from the ebook.
- The Ebook's cover image and description.
- The Ebook Purchase button.