Ms Betty

Ms. Betty is a simple, yet complex woman who in spite of it all, still holds out hope for true love and happiness. I'm a single 38 year old, childless professional woman who, even though I hate dating. I'm still dating in hopes that Mr. Right has found me and will save me from this dreaded dating pool that is desperately in dire need of a new filtration system and cleaning. My current book, “Ain't That Bout’a Bitch” is a book set in chronological order to show my pursuit of love and happiness all while trying to climb the ladder of success as a single, young professional woman. The things that have happened to me did not make me bitter, angry or revengeful, yet it made me look at life in a different aspect and keep fighting the good fight of finding love, peace, happiness and success all while remaining sane and free from jail! The dates and relationships I have had on this journey are one for the books, seriously. It took me 2 years to write the first book of my trilogy, which delves deep into my retarded psyche of getting back up after getting knocked down time after time and trying this love thing again and again. I do hope you will be brave enough to take this journey with me through my laughs, smiles, tears and share in my frustrations as I travel through the ups and downs of life and love. I'm sure this journey will have you connecting with me on many levels and saying, “Ain't That Bout’a Bitch”