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EASTER EGGS - only 7th - 10th April 2023 - BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE !!!

Only this Easter weekend Friday, 7th April until Monday, 10th April 2023 - when you buy a clip in our shop you can get another clip for free :-)

The rules are simple:

  • If you buy ONE clip for example for 9,99 EUR then we send you link for another movie of your choice and you can download it for free. In this case this will be worth also 9,99 EUR.

  • If you buy MORE THAN ONE clip for example you buy 3 clips with a total of 37 EUR then you can get 3 other clips of your choice which are also worth a maximum of 37 EUR in total.

  • You can buy as many clips as you want - the more clips you buy the more clips you can get for free ...

  • To avoid a lot of additional work on our side please include all clips that you want to purchase in ONE ORDER and do not buy them one by one in single orders.

  • After completing the check-out just forward us the PAYHIP email that you received with the list of clips purchased to and include the name and/or the links of the clip(s) that you would like to download for free. We will answer to the email-address that is in the PAYHIP email so make sure that this is not a "one-time" email address when you purchase the clips !!!

  • Once we receive your email we will send you a link where you can download the clip(s) of your choice for free. Please allow 48 hours after the purchase before you receive our reply-email with the coupon-codes --- we also have Easter, a family and a private life :-)

If you have any questions just contact us.


MySweetSwedishFeet Team