Nicky Arthur

Nicky is a Author, health and vitality revolutionist, who is a highly successful health coach and yoga retreat facilitator - and she is coming town to help women get their life back on track with happiness and vitality. Nicky is a natural teacher and on the the 3 Day YOGAFIT DETOX weekend retreat will be sharing with you much of her key fundamentals and knowledge, and everything you need to do day by day to move towards optimal health and vitality. The Detox Retreats have been running for over 7 years and have becomine increasingly popular over the past few years it is now her full time job. Is it time for you to rediscover what ancient cultures already knew? Join Nicky for one of her life changing retreats. The 3 day YogaFit Detox Tour ~ a retreat for you at your door step. The YOGAFIT 3 Day Detox Yoga retreat it is an opportunity to detox, alkalise, heal and energise your body. Inspiring you to create healthier changes and leaving you with a life long tools for your amazing physical body and spiritual mind. While the focus of the Retreat is on detox rejuvenation, the information she shares creates a ripple effect where over time you’ll also see changes not only physically & mentally, but emotionally, & especially spiritually. You become more organised and over time will see positive changes in your relationships, time, and finances. Running around on a low tank simply will cost you your health. Our bodies rely on nutrients to function; without them, they simply cannot work. Harnessing what nature creates and utilising Nicky's two decades of the study of human body through YOGA & Nutrition, provides a 3 Day Retreat at your door step scientifically formulated to give your body exactly what it needs. The YogaFit sessions are designed for all levels to help you re ignite your energy, vitality while focusing on Breath and Body alignment. We educate you on healing recipes based on raw vegan food, yoga movement, nutrition, meditation and mindset mindfulness. Over the weekend the participants were put through 12 hrs of Yoga and Meditation with a Raw Vegan Cooking Class. Learning exercises for stress management, wellbeing, meditation and relaxation. ????Raw Vegan Tasting Seminar PLUS The weekend package came with a Healing Detox eating plan, healing juices to alkalise and energise, smoothies and healing teas and soups. Full Detox Eating Plan with information to help you alkalise your body and lose weight. Nicky has her own brand and sells Turmeric Chai tea at here retreats along with her healthy cook books that are available world wide on line and in store. The 3 Days comes with a specifically designed 3 Day Detox Plan you, educating you around nutrition that heals and works. Whether you have weight to lose, joints to open, stress to eliminate from your mind and body, you will experience a deep shift, and ego. Your transformation journey attending g this life changing three days. Learn everything you nerd to know yo kick start your healing journey. Lose weight, rid pain, and balance hormones. ABOUT NICKY ARTHUR: Health and Vitality Expert , motivational speaker and International author, Nicky Arthur runs retreats to inspire others to live healthy, happy and productive lives. Nicky has studied Yoga, including certified Iyengar & Bikram Teacher, meditation, successful Bikini Model Fitness competitor, nutrition and self development. She is the author of the best-selling The Power of Living Raw, Cooking with Chia and How to be a Happier Mum, published by New Holland and Self produced Yoga Bali DVD & meditation CDs The weekend teachers participants how important colon cleansing is and how to manage stress and lose weight without feeling like they are on a diet it is a way of life. With Passion & Drive. Indulge, electrify, and be sensual. A warm, feminine, and sensuous energy helps to ignite your passion or what helps excite and drive you in life. This energy is channeled through from Nicky in all of her teachings. The 3 day program is specifically designed to help people manage stress and increase health, energy, weight loss. Partcipants have noted a weight loss over the weekend from 2kg- 4 kg. She incorporates Earthy, grounding mantras and ancient practices of buddhism~ the yogic pathway along with holistic healing provide a base for the passion-igniting and soul enlightenment. A note form Nicky It is my mission to get this information out to you so that you can walk away with the knowledge of how to extend + improve the quality of your life. My work is all about getting you to place health & vitality with awareness go preventative health, so you can live longer and happy.