Nikki Brocco, Magical Soul Bitches

Nikki Brocco is a Writer, Astrologer, & StyleWitch and is the creatrix behind Magical Soul Bitches, an astro based lifestyle blog & community where she shares Astrological Guidance for the collective times & Lunar Witchcraft for the phases. There you will also find plenty of existential musings from the shadow realms of the psyche & of course, lush aesthetic pleasures. Nikki hails from a background in Fashion, is a Certified Coach and has completed a year long training in Psychic Studies grounded in deep shadow exploration and alchemizes it all through her studies in Astrology. Nikki loves to focus on Natal (Birth) & Transit astrology so that the centralized anchor is to always come back to a present moment of self awareness by guiding us to ask ourselves: Where am I coming from & what is the story I want to tell right now? You can find her at @MagicalSoulBitches on Instagram.
If you need to email her for any reason she can be reached at!