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Seven Mantras to Invite In More Happiness {7 minute read}
There are many ways you can increase your happiness, and several tricks that don’t require much preparation or effort. Our words have power, and by repeating mantras to yourself throughout your day, you will find that feeling happy begins to come n...
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Understanding Imposter Syndrome
Do you often feel like the person you are at work is not the person your coworkers know you to be? Is the ideal version of yourself in a professional or personal setting always unaligned with how you truly feel when you look in the mirror? If so, you...
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Ayurveda Medicine – What is it and how does it work? {4 minute read}
Ayurveda is a form of medical practice that originated in India and focuses on maintaining a balance of all the forces at play within the body. When the body is balanced, it is healthy. Remarkably similar to modern medical practices, Ayurveda phys...
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5 Types of Journaling {4 minute read}
Journaling is a useful way of getting your thoughts down on paper, relieving stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Alongside other methods, journalling is a great way to be mindful and become more aware of yourself. You can monitor your...
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What is a Bullet Journal? {5-minute Read}
A bullet journal is different from keeping a regular journal and recording your thoughts and feelings for current or future purposes. The main purpose of a bullet journal is to help the user stay organized and in control of what is going on in their ...
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Why the Subconscious Mind Wants to Take Control and How Not to Let It {10-Minute Read}
"Our thoughts are mainly controlled by our subconscious, which is largely formed before the age of 6, and you cannot change the subconscious mind by just thinking about it. That's why the power of positive thinking will not work for most people. The ...
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5 Reasons Setting Goals is Important in Every Area of Life
When it comes to most areas of life, people tend to float around and embrace the idea of whatever happens, happens. But here are 5 reasons why setting goals is important, no matter what you’re talking about, whether it’s work, play, or even relat...
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5 Things that Will Happen WITHOUT Goal-Setting
When it comes to setting goals, you may wonder why it’s necessary. But here are just a few of the dire consequences that can come about from not picking a destination and reaching to get there.1. You’ll get lost. If you were a pirate looking...
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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing What Goals to Pursue
If you’ve embraced the wonderful practice of setting goals for yourself, kudos to you—but a new challenge can often arise when we start picking too many goals. Here’s a way to sift through the stars and find which ones to reach for.1. Think abo...
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Developing Awareness of Your Stress Triggers Through Blogging
"Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change." - Stephen CoveyPeople are creatures of habit. Most of u...
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The Energetic Exchange, Or Power, of Giving
There is so much confusion surrounding the power of giving. Some think they have to give everything away in order to be liked, loved, and respected. Others think they need to hold on to everything because there is scarcity or lack. Neither approach i...
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How to Fine Tune Your Vibration
Similar to those in the music industry might use a tuning fork to fine tune the pitch of an instrument, you too can fine tune your own vibration. What is meant by tuning your vibration? There are several steps to getting in touch with your own vibes,...
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8 Actions That Get You Past Your Perfectionism
Perfectionism can cause paralysis, figuratively speaking. It creates fear and stops you from living authentically. When you’re worried about making everything perfect, nothing gets done. Explore these tips to get past your perfectionism so you...
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How to Expand Your Beliefs Around What’s Possible in Life
Most of us feel that we have a limit. We have an idea in our minds of what feels about normal for us to achieve, to receive and to do in life. Anything beyond that just feels unattainable or something reserved only for those with the best of luck.How...
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Blogging about Your Nutrition to Prevent Stress
There’s no denying the fact that you are what you eat. Very often, people feel depressed or lazy or just not in the mood for anything. They assume that it’s a psychological problem, when in reality, it’s a nutrition problem.A lack of vitamin D ...
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