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Accepting the Mantle (paperback)


Accepting the Mantle


Sword on the Throne (paperback)


Sword in the Throne


The Phoenix Grail (paperback)


The Phoenix Grail


Lady Leaves the Lake (paperback)


Lady Leaves the Lake


Camelot Crumbles (paperback)


Camelot Crumbles


About Me

Helen Savore writes fantastical worlds filled with a mixture of modern and medieval settings. She explores stories loosely based on Arthurian legends, secretly wishing that King Arthur would return to pull the world from the brink of darkness.

An engineer by day, and a gamer when time allows, this paper ninja writes, reads, plays with pen-and-paper RPGs and folds origami.  It’s not surprising that her stories are filled with unexpected folds and twists that blend seamlessly with reality.