Ofer Valencio Akerman

There’s a reason they call me Maestro. 
My real name is Ofer Valencio Akerman, but most of my colleagues and students call me “Maestro”. Why? Well, a maestro is a master of any art. My art is helping people turn their passions into sustainable financial success. I don’t just work in theories. I work in real practical ways that lead to a viable business and life-changing results. Not only is this something I love to do, but I’m also extremely passionate about helping others completely transform their personal and financial lives. 

Over the past 20+ years I’ve been able to successfully help people and companies turn tiny ideas into massive profits. I’ve worked with everyone from multi-million dollar companies to small individual startups. Throughout all of my experience, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

During that time, I’ve literally taken thousands of professional courses, read thousands of research papers and bestselling books, spent years at the best universities as a young student and eventually as a lecturer.

I hold a master’s degree in military strategies, a BA in finance and I am a Financial Conduct Authority approved director. I’m not going to blow my own trumpet, if you want to learn more, just Google my name. No Fake News, I promise.