Olyinka Lingerie

Olyinka Lingerie is a British brand producing handcrafted, silk, luxury lingerie and loungewear It is our mission to be the leading purveyor of luxury vintage lingerie made available to every woman who loves style, elegance and class. All garments are constructed from rich, delicate fabrics - the finest chiffons, silk and organic cotton and is made to the highest quality with attention to detail. Inspiration for our designs derives from the 1920’s to the 1950’s an era when underwear was just as beautifully made as outerwear. Our lingerie merges modern designs with a vintage flair so women have the quality of a well-made garment which also looks luscious and divine Not only do we produce beautiful lingerie but we are also passionately against the over-sexualisation of lingerie in the industry and would love lingerie to be seen as garments meant to accentuate, flatter and beautify a woman. Therefore in response to this we have formed a community where we inspire, encourage, and promote body-confidence and self-esteem through our monthly newsletters because we believe women should be celebrated, honoured and feel confident inside and out! #olyinkabodyconfidence