Own Lane LLC.

My passion for fashion was imprinted on my heart and soul at the impressionable age of 5. My grandmother placed fashion in my lap by way of vogue and bazaar magazines. I believe she knew that my tender mind had the capacity to understand that she was introducing me to a new world. A world where I’d have the power to get lost in my visions and create masterpieces. And that I did, launched my clothing brand, Shingo in 2014, designed prom dresses that went viral, worked with the NAACP, and styled commercials for the Bengals, VH1, Pepsi, and others. In 2016, I accepted an opportunity that would forever change how one viewed fashion in the city of Cincinnati. I was given the opportunity to produce a fashion event that would not only showcase my brand but create a platform for others in my community. My partnership with P&G and Cincinnati Music Festival allowed me to promote other small black-owned businesses and help them leverage during one of the busiest and most traveled weekends in Cincinnati history.   



 It's simpler said than done. It’s something we, as women, constantly chase. Shingo Fashion views confidence as that the pivotal moment a person breaks free from negativity. It’s when women truly know themselves and freely express who they are. Shingo Fashion wants women to be confident.