Pastor Acquinetta T. Davis

Pastor Acquinetta Tawanta Davis, senior pastor of “The Birthing Place Ministries” (formerly Warrior Temple International Fellowship), is one of the most poetic, prolific, and prophetic voices of our times. She has been blessed by God to travel the world, and minister to a multiplicity of people from various backgrounds and cultures. The anointing of God on her life makes her a true “Prophet and Artist” in her on right. An overcomer of childhood abuse, a survivor of divorce, delivered from lesbianism, rescued from death’s door, and defying the odds of homelessness God has anointed and blessed Pastor Davis to be a beckon of hope, joy, love, and inspiration in these last days. You can see the light of God’s perfection upon her life through her exemplified lifestyle; and, in the way she operates at the highest level of excellence. God has made her beautiful in his time. Pastor Acquinetta T. Davis is indeed a woman of divine purpose. God has blessed her to author, publish, and produce numerous books, such as: A State of Humility: When God Gets In Your Face, Empowered for Motherhood: Learning Godly Parenting from Our All Sufficient Father, God, Nasty Girl: Help Lord My Marriage Is In Trouble, Yes, I’m Gay, But I love God: True Deliverance From Homosexuality and Lesbianism, Gunning for the Anointing: The Assassination of the Will of God for Your Life, Living with Female Pattern Hair Loss: Beyond Sight, and Into Your Dark Place: The Place Where God's Love Flows.