I formerly used pinkitsvne as my username, but now please credit me as both michukko and pinkitsvne please so people don't get confused! <3 I will update my signature in the files! <3 

♡Selling bases here! ♡
If you have any questions, please contact me on my other social medias!

You may use the bases for:
♡ adopts
♡ base fill commissions
♡ references for you characters
♡ personal art or gifts for friends

You may not:
♡ sell it yourself
♡ commercial use (as in tshirts, pins, etc)
♡ trace the base
♡ claim it as your own

And remember, all sales are final* ! No refunds, please don't insist! 

* unless I decide to refund you because you were selling/giving the base away, this will blacklist you and you won't be allowed to use the base anymore!